Garden Cleanups

Why is a fall garden clean up important?

Fall & Spring Garden Cleanup
Leaf collection

Leaf collection and bagging: we use blowers and rakes to collect quickly the leaves.

Optional: Winter protection for some plants

Some plants, for example roses, boxwood, rhododendrons need protection during the winter period to avoid damages from moisture or heavy snow.

Final Lawn cutting

We will do the final lawnmoving, collecting leaves, debris and fertilize the lawn (optional)

Cutting back perennials

We cut back perennials, reed-grasses in your garden, to remove the dead or damaged stems, prevent insects from overwintering.

Pruning your shrubs and hedges

With fall pruning removes dead and dying branches, stubs, supporting correct plant shape and healthy growth, deters pest or fungal infections.

Winterizing your gardens

Protecting your sensitive plants against winter snow and moisture if needed.

Further autumn recommended garden work

Prevent freezing damage

Move any tropical or houseplants Indoors


Perennial flowers and other perennial plants


A new shrubs or trees.

Water your evergreens

The moist soil better protect the roots, better insulator throughout the winter than dry soil.

Weed stop

Remove invasive weeds, before they scatter their seeds.

Prepare, enriching your soil for spring

Add compost, nutrients, rock phosphate, manure

Flowers for Spring

Divide and plant bulbs

Lawn aeration

Aeration helps the lawn roots grow stronger and deeper, and produce healthier lawn for the next year. With aeration perform small holes in the soil that allows to air, water and nutritions reach the roots.

What to do in fall also:

  • Clean and maintain your tools, ask us how!
  • Check supply stores, Amazon, for end-of-season sales to buy necessary garden equipment and tools for next year.
  • Remember to turn off your outdoor taps before it freezes
  • If the weather became cold & snowy, feed the birds

Questions & Answers

Some frequently asked question about the garden cleanup

Spray liquid Wiltpruf on all of your broad-leafed evergreens, like rhododendrons, euonymus, boxwood, taxus, etc. This liquid protects leaves with insulating value of this effective anti-desiccant. Buy here the spray, or the concentrate in best price.

Collecting the leaves, plant stems is important to keeping your garden  healthy for the next year. Gets rid of bugs, fungus, and diseases which overwinter under the leaves, or in dead perennial steams.

Protecting your sensitive plants, like some evergreens, roses, rhododendron against snow and wind damage is very important to  healthy growing for next year.

Collecting the leaves: Raking and blowing, cutting the dead branches and perennials. Winterize evergreens (optional).

The recommended period is from November or March, when the garden is not covered with snow, and the weather is enough dry.

How much garden cleanup costs?

The cost of the garden cleanup depends on the volume of the collected leaves, the size of your garden, the number of trees, shrubs, how many visits you want, and weather conditions.

Fall cleanups are billed hourly at a rate of $39/person. If you are our existing client, we don’t charge the travel time.

Please not that the waste bags are included in the price.

The extra materials, such as burlap, fertilizer or other chemicals billed extra, with a 30% additional on our wholesale prices.

When asking for a free quote, please provide us the size of your property, and if possible please attach some photos. If you have extra wishes, also please let us know about (fertilizing, how many plants want to protect with burlap, woodcutting, etc.)

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