Weed control & decorative white stone

Weed control & decorative white stone Struggling with fast-growing weeds in your driveway, or between interlocking? We offer low price mechanical removal or eco-friendly chemical prevention. Get a free estimate! GET FREE ESTIMATE BROWSE WEED KILLER EQUIPMENT Weed control with geo textile fabric. Installing under the rocks and mulch a special geo fabric that prevents …

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Weed stop with mulch and geotextile

Weedstop with mulch & Landscape fabric How to manage garden weeds with mulch? Protect your plants and enrich your flower bed soil with organic methods. GET FREE ESTIMATE THE BEST BARK MULCH – VIEW HERE Unwanted weeds in control with minimal maintenance. Make a simple solution that highlights your flowers/bushes. Sometimes less is more…

Mailbox cleaning & paint

Mailbox cleaning and paint We provide home repair services, handyman services, painting, power wash cleaning, and similar small projects around your house and garden. Get a free estimate! GET FREE ESTIMATE BUY MAILBOXES HERE  Restoring your mailbox, lights stand, statue, etc. makes a big difference of the look of your house.

Pathway repair

When you’re getting home or your guest and need to saloon  between puddles especially on high heels? No, need something stable and decent. Repairing garden pathway. Applied silica sand and concrete lacquer to finish the surface and make shiny and weather resistant. 

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