Flower bed cleaning and rebuilding

How to mulch flower beds? Read our mulching tips and tricks in the following article. Follow the links for the best price landscape fabric and garden equipment deals on Amazon!

Renewing an old flower bed

First steps:

– start with removing dead plants and weeds.

How to mulch flower beds?

Then installing a mulch to prevent growing unwanted weeds, and the mulch also protects the soil to keep the moisture. There are few types of mulches: Wood Chip Mulch, Straw or Hay Mulch, Chop-and-Drop Mulch, Rock Mulch. We used black pine mulch because it is long-lasting, decorative, and has a pleasant pine fragrance.

Mulch flower bed ideas

The frame made with natural white stones gives a nice view of contrast of the dark mulch, white stones, and variegated Hostas plant groups.

How to mulch around bushes and trees?

Remove the weeds and other unwanted items from the soil. Cut the landscape fabric around the stems or trunk tightly. Put the layer of mulch, wood chips over the landscape fabric 5-8 cm (2-3in) thick.

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