Removing tree stumps

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After removing the tree, in many cases, it becomes necessary to remove the stump.

Unless you bother that in the next 10-20 years will be there in our garden or backyard. There are several solutions to remove, the mechanical is the fastest and efficient, the chemical methods are slower.
We recommend mechanical removal for the fastest result.

Manual stump removal:

Removal of smaller stumps can be done with hand tools (spade, ax, pick, etc.) In this case, during the cutting of the tree, the last 1-2-3 meters of trunks are left on the log, and then the side roots are cut. Once you have reached the proper depth, you can begin to turn the stump, which is done with the help of a rope tied to the top of the left trunk and by manual or mechanical traction. After cutting the lower roots thus made accessible, the stump can be lifted out.


– gardens inaccessible to machines can be extracted with this method.

– “fast” procedure (takes about 1-4 hours, 1-2 days depending on the size and location)

– Disadvantages:

– a difficult and time-consuming operation as human labor has to be employed

– requires a large pit, which causes significant disturbance to the environment

– consequently a relatively expensive procedure

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